Santosha Yoga–Taos Yoga Therapy Since 2007

1203 King Drive, Suite B

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Located on the south end of town, off of Paseo Del Canon West (near Stray Hearts & Rocky Mountain Youth Corps). King Drive is one block southwest from the Salazar Road intersection.

Santosha Yoga is a New Mexico Non-Profit with an emphasis in yoga therapy since 2007. Yoga therapy is empowering the  individual practitioner toward health and well-being through the  philosophy and practice of Yoga. Our classes are open to all levels of practitioners including prenatal yoga. We strive to provide a safe and conscious environment for our clients. We provide mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets.

Our mission is to bring Yoga to the Taos community to increase physical and emotional health, relaxation and general contentment through all of life’s experiences.

Santosha means “contentment” in Sanskrit, which is what we strive to cultivate in our community by making yoga available.

Our classes are alignment-based and focus on injury prevention and intelligent execution of asana so that one can knowledgeably re-pattern and strengthen ones body and mind. We do not advocate one style of yoga or lineage of yoga. Our classes attempt to offer a variety of styles with experienced teachers. In fact, you may find that we are exploring the edge of what yoga is and incorporating different principles of movement therapy in our classes.

We will be moving our classes to http://taosatva.com/ starting September 1, 2016. Please go to schedule page for details.

Drop-in: only $10

A New Mexico Non-Profit in partnership with Sage Institute for the Environment, Creativity and Consciousness.